Integrating Financial Management with Spiritual Development

Redeeming Your Finances empowers you to manage money confidently, aligning with your faith and values.
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our mission

Seize Opportunities for Financial Growth That Honor Your Values

Amidst the rapid pace and complexity of financial markets, we recognize the importance of aligning your trading endeavors with faith-based principles. Our mission is to provide you with a holistic understanding rooted in stewardship so you’re able to navigate the markets with wisdom and purpose.


We’re Motivated By the Success of Our Students

Stories of transformation and empowerment like these is what inspires us to do what we do.

“My money win was pushing through the financial audit. It was painful seeing where I was, but it was a blessing to see because it painted the picture of what I knew was going on, but didn’t want to face. Now that I’ve seen it, I can take it to God in prayer (which i did), and have Him enter into an area that pride can creep in so He can get the glory for me overcoming. I encourage everyone to have that moment of shaking for themselves!”

– Lorenzo 

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Meet Katie Jones

Katie Jones, the visionary behind Redeeming Your Finances, embodies a passion for empowering individuals to manage their money in alignment with their faith. As a youth pastor's wife, avid traveler, real estate agent, investor, and money coach, Katie's diverse experiences have shaped her understanding of the intersection between faith and finances.

Forging a Path of Transformation

Katie's personal journey of reconciling her faith with her financial endeavors led her to develop a system that integrates biblical principles with practical money management strategies. Her commitment to living out these principles in her own life has inspired others to embark on their own journey toward financial freedom and spiritual growth.

Leading with Purpose

Driven by a desire to see others thrive in their financial stewardship, Katie continues to guide individuals towards a deeper understanding of how faith and finances intersect. Her dedication to empowering others to pursue their God-given calling without financial barriers is at the heart of Redeeming Your Finances' mission.
Founder of Agape Investing & Redeeming Your Finances
“If part of the reason you haven’t done anything with your money is that you’re afraid that by doing something with it is giving in to the love of money, you are in the right place. ”

Katie Jones


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